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'Autorretratos Feministas' at UnionDocs

Autorretratos Feministas
with Fabiana Gallegos

UnionDocs is thrilled to present Autoretratos Feministas, a program that looks at the legacy of the audiovisual self-portrait through the work of Argentinian’s AREA (Association of Experimental Filmmakers and Video-Artists). Co-presented with Cinema Tropical.

The films and videos included in this screening all work towards a feminist self-representation. Looking at approaches that are poetic,  performative, speculative, and figurative they are rife with experimentation, employing or distorting tropes in nimble ways. Meditating on public and private spheres, exploring the absence and presence of the body both as prison and refuge, and using reflection and movement to unlock an understanding towards a more comprehensive feminist gaze looking back on itself, these works capture something essential and emotional in the processing of one owns self for another’s eyes.

These films reach us through a variety of forms. From Super 8 to 16mm analog works to digital HD, found footage, or scenes captures with phone cameras, these works traverse the spectrum of format as is in the mission of AREA’s practice. This program also includes the first performative self-portrait in the history of Argentine video art (Roles, by Graciela Taquini, 1988).

Filmmaker and AREA member Fabiana Gallegos will be in attendance to discuss her work and the collective’s practice.

Program (total running time: 80 min.):
Roles by Graciela Taquini (1988, 2:51)
Agua Viva by Luciana Foglio (2016, 8:02)
Rostros by Luján Montes (2017, 3:55)
YO. VOS. TODOS by Fabiana Gallegos (2018, 5:31)
Realidad by Macarena Cordiviola (2012, 1:06)
La Carencia by Ana Villanueva (2018, 8:42)
Punto Ciego by Clara Frías (2018, 2:01)
Doméstico by Gabriela Golder (2007, 1:38)
Atrapada by Paula Pellejero (2012, 1:03)
Una noche como esta by Leticia Obeid (2005, 0:50)
Siesta by Azucena Losana (2018, 3:16)
Muestrario by Paula Herrera (2016, 6:13)
Caracoles y diamantes by Paola Michaels (2014, 8:31)
Sin título by Toia Bonino (2018, 0:22)
Metria by Melisa Aller (2014, 4:22)
Retrato by Laura Focarazzo (2010, 1:01)
Alfalfas by Mariana Lombard (2017, 17:31)

Thursday, September 26, 7:30pm

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