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U.S. Theatrical Release of THE HEIRESSES



Directed by Marcelo Martinessi
(Paraguay/Germany/Brazil/Uruguay/Norway/France, 2018, 98 min. In Spanish with English)

Chela and Chiquita have been partners for decades, lifelong members of Paraguay’s moneyed elite - until the money runs out. Now they spend their days selling their furniture, glassware, and silver to whoever will make them an offer. When Chiquita, the more garrulous and resilient of the two women, is sent to prison, Chela has to cope with loneliness and incipient poverty. Then a new option develops. The movie is anchored by two extraordinary, magnetic performances (Ana Brun as Chela won the Best Actress prize in Berlin) that suggest the untold inner resources of its principal characters. The director credits Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s THE BITTER TEARS OF PETRA VON KANT as an important influence, describing THE HEIRESSES as “a coming-of-age film for a 60-year-old woman.”

A Distrib Films US

Opens Wednesday, January 16
Film Forum

Showtimes: Daily at 12:30pm,  2:40pm,   4:50pm, 7pm and 9:10pm

Other engagements:
Miami, FL: January 18 at Tower Cinema
Chicago, IL: Opens January 25 at the Gene Siskel Film Center
Philadelphia, PA: January 29
Seattle, WA: Opens February 1 at the SIFF Film Center 
Denver, CO: Opens March 8 at SIE Film Center 
Los Angeles, LA: Opens March 8 at Laemmle Royal
San Diego, CA: Opens March 14 at Media Arts Center San Diego
Louisville, KY
March 21 at the Speed Art Museum
Detroit, MI: April 6 at theDetroit Institute of Art
Hartford, CT: 
April 20 at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art