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U.S. Release of Brazilian Supernatural Horror Noir OUR EVIL


(Samuel Galli, Brazil, 2017, 92 min. In Portuguese with English subtitles)

Our Evil follows Arthur (Ademir Esteves), a former exorcist and doting father preparing for his only daughter’s foray into college. Hiding a secret from his own past in order to protect her future, Arthur hires Charles (Ricardo Casella), a professional hitman and amateur serial killer, to help him fight a demonic power he believes is coming to destroy his daughter’s soul. 

Rooted in a new retro score by Brazilian brothers Gustavo and Guilherme Garbato, Our Evil plays with noir motifs and gritty, handheld realism to offer a piercing personal study reminiscent of Lynch’s particular brand of horror. A possible break-out cult hit for fans of foreign scares, Our Evil marks Galli as a promising newcomer to the field.

Opens Friday, May 10
Laemmle Glendale
207 N. Maryland Avenue, Glendale, CA