Argentinean LGBT Drama ESTEROS Opens November 18 in LA, Followed by VOD Release

Breaking Glass Pictures has announced the theatrical release of the Argentinean film Esteros, the debut feature by Papu Curotto. The LGBT drama premiered at Toronto’s Inside Out LGBT Film, had a centerpiece screening at Los Angeles Outfest, and has screened at additional festivals including MiFo LGBT and NewFest in New York. Esteros opens at the Arena Cinema in Los Angeles on Friday, November 18, followed by a VOD release on Tuesday, November 29, where it will be available on iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Vudu and On Demand through local cable and satellite providers.

Matías and Jerónimo—played by Ignacio Rogers and Estaban Masturini, who have a potent on-screen chemistry—have known each other since childhood. During the holidays in the Argentine wetlands of Esteros and before they begin high school, their friendship takes a new turn when they both experience their sexual awakening. However, Matías’ father forces them apart when he takes a job far away. Ultimately, distance and family contempt for homosexuality leads Matías to deny his friend, and ultimately, himself. 

More than ten years later, Matías returns to his old town for Carnival with his girlfriend, where he unexpectedly runs into Jerónimo. Feelings between the two men slowly reappear, leading to a long-repressed awakening. But at what cost? Esteros is an expansion and reworking of the director’s 2015 short film Matías y Jerónimo in which two young boys are witness to a hate crime. Curotto’s debut feature is a charming and heartfelt take on second chances at love.