LAND AND SHADE, MAGALLANES and ANNA Compete for Best Film at Colombia's Macondo Awards

Colombia’s Macondo Awards are set to take place on November 18 in Bogotá. The winners are chosen by members of the Colombian Academy of Motion Picture Arts. Competing this year for Best Film are Land and Shade / La tierra y la sombra, Magallanes and Anna

César Acevedo’s La tierra y la sombra, which won the Caméra d'Or Award, France 4 Visionary Award and SACD Award at Cannes, is the story of a humble country sugar cane worker who returns home to meet his grandson and deal with the hardships his family has been put into. The film was also nominated for Best Director, Screenplay and Art Direction.

Anna, directed by Jacques Toulemonde, is nominated for Screenplay, Cinematography, Editing, Costumes and Lead Actress (Juana Acosta), while Magallanes' received nominations in Direction, Screenplay, Lead Actor (Damián Alcázar) and Original Music. 

Klych López’s Siempreviva, inspired by Misael Torres’ play, has the most nominations, receiving nods in the categories of Art Direction, Costume, Sound Design, Lead Actor (Andrés Parra) and Supporting Actors (Laura Ramos and Enrique Carriazo).

Qué viva la música by Carlos Moreno received five nominations in the categories of Direction, Lead Actress (Paulina Davila), Best Supporting Actor (Juan Pablo Barragán), Cinematography, Art Direction and Original Music. 

The lifetime achievement award will go to filmmaker, writer and poet, Victor Gavíria, for his countless contributions to Colombian cinema.