Argentinean Project LA SALADA Wins Cine en Construcción

Argentinean film project La Salada (pictured), the directorial debut by Juan Martín Hsu won the Cine en Construcción section of the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain, it was announced today.

A mosaic of the new immigrant experience in Argentina, La Salada is linked through three stories that take place in the fair of the same name. People of different races to fight against loneliness and rootlessness of his earth, a Korean father and daughter preparing for a marriage concluded, a young Bolivian who just came to the country in search of work and a seller of DVDs Taiwanese looking for a girlfriend to keep him company. 

The Festival also announced the Cuban-French co-production film El acompañante / The Companion as the winner of the Best Project at the Europe-Latin American Co-Production Forum, and the jury have a Special Mention to the Colombian-French co-production La tierra y la sombra by César Augusto Acevedo.

The 61st edition of the San Sebastian Film Festival runs September 20-28 in Spain.