NY Film Fest to Present Eimbcke Retrospective


Among the dozens of films presented during the 51st edition of the New York Film Festival, this year's lineup includes a special retrospective of Mexican director Fernando Eimbcke as part of the Emerging Artists sidebar. This section of the festival spotlights enormously talented filmmakers, near the beginning of their respective careers. On its first edition, Emerging Actors will celebrate the work of Eimbcke and British filmmaker Joanna Hogg.

Along with his brand new film, this section will also be screening Eimbcke's previous films. Eimbcke's run begins with his latest, Club Sándwich (pictured below right), which focuses on a teenage boy, Héctor, taking his first tentative steps into the uncharted waters of sex and his mother, Paloma, who must learn to navigate life without the constant companionship of her only child.

Also screening is the film Lake Tahoe, which follows the meanderings of Juan, scouring the sleepy streets of a small town as he searches for a spare part of crashing the family car. Eimbcke's first feature film Temporada de patos / Duck Season (picture above left), will also be shown, the story of two 14 year olds left home alone, with video games, soda, and snacks and no parents. But, when the power goes out, the day becomes littered with adventures.

For all screenings, Eimbcke and his producer Christian Valdeliévre will be in attendance. Emerging Artists will run from October 1-8 at the 51st New York International Film Festival.