Colombian Documentary MISS MARIA, SKIRTING THE MOUNTAIN Wins Two Awards at Houston's QFest


The Colombian documentary film Señorita María, la falda de la montaña / Miss Maria,

Set in the remote mountain of the Andes, Miss Maria, Skirting the Mountain follows Miss María who leads a simple life in a strict religious community. She milks the cows, works the land and does her cooking on a fire. María has worn skirts since she was 18, and has always felt she was a woman, but she was born a man.

Many people spread wild rumors about her and call her a devil, but there are others who accept her and help her. It gradually becomes clear that this courageous woman carries a lot more baggage than just her gender identity—she's also troubled by sorrow and anger. Nevertheless, aided by her religious faith and love of animals, she has found a way to survive in this world that has shunned her from birth. People might jeer at her, but María has learned simply to keep walking, with a straight back and determined stride.

The 22nd edition of QFest took place July 26 - 30 in Houston, Texas.