Fantastic Fest Announces Latin American Titles for 2018 Edition

The Wolf House  by Cristóbal León and Joaquín Cociña

The Wolf House by Cristóbal León and Joaquín Cociña

Fantastic Fest, Austin's film festival dedicated to the best in global genre, has announced the partial lineup for its 14th edition, which will take place September 20 - 27, and will feature four Latin American films from Argentina, Brazil, and Chile.

Having its North American premiere after its Cannes premiere is Argentine director Alejandro Fadel's Muere, Monstruo, Muere Murder Me, Monster, a visual horror masterpiece that lures you into the fascinating and opaque underworld of serial murder, supernatural obsession, metaphysical hallucinations, forbidden love — and one nightmarishly gross monster.

Also in its North American premiere is the Chilean film La casa loboThe Wolf House, the debut feature by Cristóbal León and Joaquín Cociña. An animated tale, supposedly restored from the archives of a German colony by the Chilean government, The Wolf House is the unsettling story of Maria, punished with a hundred nights alone in a cabin in the woods.

From Brazil comes Morto Não FalaThe Night Shifterby Dennison Ramalho in which an attendant at a busy morgue who can also converse with the dead puts his loved ones in peril using his forbidden knowledge for vengeance in Dennison Ramalho’s (Ninjas; ABCs of Death 2) twisted and gleefully icky feature debut.

And lastly, having its U.S. premiere is the Argentine film Aterrados / Terrified by Demián Rugna.  Strange things are going on in a Buenos Aires neighborhood. Demián Rugna’s constantly surprising and truly spine-chilling horror film has one goal: to scare the shit out of everyone.