Directors' Fortnight Welcomes Films From Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil

The Directors' Fortnight, Cannes parallel independent section run by the French Director’s Guild, has unveiled today the titles for its 47th edition, which includes two feature films and short films from Latin America.

Having their world premieres are the Chilean documentary feature Allende mi abuelo Allende / Beyond My Grandfather Allende, the directorial debut by Marcia Tambutti, and the Colombian film El abrazo de la serpiente / Embrace of the Serpent by Ciro Guerra.

Two South American short films will also have their world premiere at the French Riviera: The Broken Past / El pasado roto by Martín Morgenfeld and Sebastián Schjaer from Argentina and Backyard by André Novais Oliveira.

Beyond My Grandfather Allende is a personal portrait of the filmmaker’s grandfather Salvador Allende, former president of Chile overthrown by a coup d’etat in 1973, delving into his complicated legacy and the clash between his private and public personae.

Embrace of the Serpent starring Brionne Davis and Jan Bijvoet is a drama about the encounter, apparent betrayal and finally life-affirming friendship between an Amazonian shaman (the last survivor of his people) and two foreign scientists. The film is Ciro’s Guerra’s sophomore production after his acclaimed The Wind Journeys which had its world premiere at Cannes’ A Certain Regard in 2009.

The Directors’ Fortnight runs May 14-24.