EL PASEO 4 Becomes the Top Grossing Colombian Film of All Time


The comedy film El Paseo 4 by Juan Camilo Pinzón and produced by Dago García became over the weekend the most popular Colombian film ever having been seen by over 1.65 million people since its release on December 23rd. 

Starring Diego Vásquez, Aída Morales, María Margarita Giraldo, Víctor Tarazona and Manuela Valdés, the film follows the Rubio family as they plan their annual holiday and decide to visit Miami. With this new record, filmmaker García has now five production in the top ten grossing Colombian films including Uno al año no hace daño (2014), El Paseo (2010), El Paseo 2 (2012), and El Paseo 3 (2013).