¡ASU MARE! Breaks All-Time Records in Peruvian History


The comedy ¡Asu Mare! (pictured) by Ricardo Maldonado broke all-time records this week in Peru becoming the most successful film in the history of the South American country, having been seen by over 2.34 million people, beating the previous record holder Ice Age 4, which was seen by 2.31 million people in 2012.

Since its premiered on April 11, the film has broken several all-time records in Peru including the biggest opening day ever (with over 150,000 spectators in 255 screens), the fastest film ever to sell one million tickets in the shortest amount of time, and the all-time grossing Peruvian film ever.

Written and starring comedian Carlos Alcántara aka "Cachín", ¡Asu Mare! is the film adaptation of Alcántara's stand-up comedy show by the same name, and it stars most of the actors from the popular Peruvian sitcom Patacláun which aired locally in the late nineties. The semi-biographical film tells the the story of Alcántara's from his modest upbringing living with his mother to his rise to fame.

The hit comedy was produced by Tondero Films, co-stars Gisela Ponce de León, Anahí de Cárdenas, Gonzalo Torres, Carlos Carlín, Emilia Drago, and Gisela Valcárcel, and it was released by New Century Films, the local company that releases Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox's productions. ¡Asu Mare! had grossed over 19.8 million Peruvian soles ($7.6 million USD approximately) at the box office.

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Watch the trailer (in Spanish):