The Most Popular Peruvian Films of All-Time




As Ricardo Maldonado's comedy film ¡Asu Mare! is making history this week becoming the most successful film at the Peruvian box office ever, TropicalFRONT brings you the list of the highest grossing films in the country. Out of the ten films in the list, five of them have been directed by Francisco Lombardi and Eduardo Schuldt. Lombardi has the number three and four films in the list, while Schuldt's animated films occupy the number five, seven and eight places in the list.

1. ¡Asu mare! (Ricardo Maldonado, 2013) / 2.3 million spectators*

2. La fuga del Chacal (Augusto Tamayo, 1987), 980,000 spectators

3. Pantaleón y las visitadoras / Captain Pantoja and the Special Services (Francisco Lombardi, 1999), 635,130 spectators

4. No se lo digas a nadie / Don't Tell Anyone (Francisco Lombardi, 1998), 475,810 spectators

5. El Delfín, la historia de un soñador (Eduardo Schuldt, 2009), 373,628 spectators

6. Mañana te cuento (Eduardo Mendoza de Echave, 2005), 288,242 spectators

7. Piratas en el Callao (Eduardo Schuldt, 2005), 285,509 spectators

8. Dragones: destino de fuego (Eduardo Schuldt, 2006), 270,721 spectators

9. Ciudad de M (Felipe Degregori, 2000), 249,511 spectators

10. La teta asustada / The Milk of Sorrow (Claudia Llosa, 2009), 248,973 spectators

*Still in release.