Oscars: Honduras Submits Oscar Candidate for the First Time Ever


Honduras has selected the historical epic biopic film Morazán by Hispano Durón as it's first Oscar candidate ever for the foreign-language competition of the 90th edition of the Academy Awards, leaving El Salvador as the only Central American country that has never submitted an Oscar entry.

Durón's sophomore film tells the story of José Francisco Morazán Quezada (played by Colombian actor Jairo Orlando Valenzuela), a politician and general with liberal and anti-clerical politics who ruled parts of Central America and attempted to unite the countries of the region into one single nation in the 18th century.

Durón, who has directed numerous short films and documentaries, studied filmmaking at the Russian State Institute of Cinematography in Moscow, at Cuba'sInternational School of Film and Television (EICTV) of San Antonio de los Baños, and at the University of Southern California.