Uruguay Sends BREADCRUMBS to the Oscars

Uruguay has announced the selection of the Cecilia Roth starrer Migajas de pan / Breadcrumbs as its Oscar candidate for this year. The seventh film by Spain-based director Manane Rodríguez, Breadcrumbs is a political drama that tells the story of Liliana, who decides to return to Uruguay and will have to face up the last great dilemma of her life: To choose between supporting a collective case for female prisoners, raped during the time of the dictatorship, or to reconcile with her son and be able to live tranquilly as mother and grandmother. 

Liliana, a Uruguayan woman who belongs to a generation of people who risked their lives to change their country and their society longing to turn it into a new society, more free and fair, but whose wishes were truncated when a military dictatorship was established. She was persecuted by those who oppressed the most elementary liberties and she had to face years of prison and exile.

She also had to endure being separated from her son—who was hardly three years old when she was arrested—whose paternal authority was exclusively given to the father of the child. Breadcrumbs narrates the present and the past of Liliana, who in spite of all the difficulties, Liliana is still doing her best to mend the relationship with her son.