Ventana Sur Announces Selections for 2013

Ventana Sur, Latin America's premiere film market, has announced Cannes Cinefondation curator George Goldenstern's selections for this year's Primer Corte or First Cut. This year's films will compete for awards which will aid in areas of sound design, post-production, and distribution. The initiative began with the aim of presenting films at the height of their production, or the "first cut."

This year's lineup includes in No es vigilia / It's No Vigil directed by Hermes Paralluelo from Spain and Colombia, Retrato de un comportamiento animal / Portrait of an Animal Behavior by Gonzalo Lugo and Florencia Colucci of Uruguay, Los bañistas / Open Cage from Max Zunino from México, Feriado / Holiday (pictured) directed by Diego Araujo of Ecuador and Argentina, Argentina's Ciencias naturales / Natural Sciences directed by Matías Lucchesi and Blue Lips directed by Daniela de Carlo, Julieta Lima, Gustavo Lipsztein, Antonello Novellino, Nacho Ruiperez and Nobuo Shima of Argentina and Spain.

Ventana Sur 2013 will take place from December 3-6 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.