World Cinema Fund Awards Four Latin American Projects

Supported by the Berlin Film Festival, the World Cinema Fund has chosen the film projects that will receive funding. Four out of the five grantees to receive production funding are Latin American, and two of three films to get distribution support are also Latin American. Those chosen, of 121 submissions from as many as 43 countries, will be awarded funds totaling to $222,000.

The films which received production funding include the Colombian project Los hongos (pictured) to be directed by Oscar Ruiz Navia and produced by Burning Blue and Contravia Films and the Cuban project Benjamín o el planetario, by Carlos Machado Quintela with production companies Rizoma from Argentina and M-Appeal from Germany. From Paraguay, is Paz Encina's documentary Ejercicios de la memoria, with producer Autentika Film from Germany. The last film included is Te prometo anaquia, by Julio Hernandez Cordon from Guatemala. This production will be teaming up with Interior 13 from Mexico.

The films awarded distribution are Chile's Carne de Perro directed by Fernando Guzzoni, and Jose Luis Valle's Workers, from Mexico. A successful year for Latin American films, the World Cinema Fund has awarded production and distribution funding since 2004.